• 8 May, 2008

    Augmented Reality. Yes.

    posted by Pablo Defendini at 2:23 pm permalink

    Wait till they put this in glasses, and combine it with cheap, wearable computing devices… Imagine walking down the street and getting real-time contextual info about the people, buildings, landmarks, shops, etc. you see. Fantastic.

  • 28 March, 2008

    Holy Frak, One More Week to Go!

    posted by Pablo Defendini at 3:40 pm permalink

    Battlestar Galactica finally comes back for its fourth and final season a week from today. Skiffy will be streaming the episode live a full ten hours before it airs, which conveniently makes it lunchtime on the East coast. We’re now in the process of reserving the conference room and procuring a projector for Tor’s very first Frak Party.

    For the uninitiated among you: Don’t let the science-fictiony stuff fool ya– Battlestar Galactica is bar none the best show on television right now. And yes, that includes Lost. To wit, here’s the first three seasons of BSG rolled into one fraktacularly cool little recap: