• 20 March, 2008

    Can Time Slow Down?

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  • 22 February, 2008

    It’s been a long, sleepless week. . . .

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    I just wrapped up design work on a small freelance project that has had me bustin’ up my circadian cycle left and right all week long. Despite the lack of sleep, and subsequent late rising every morning this week (thus eliminating the possibility of morning swims and reading/writing sessions before leaving for the office), I’m very happy with this job. Everything seems to have gone very smoothly, especially considering that it was a rush job, and much could have gone very, very wrong. It’s a design for the homepage for a bank rewards program (pedestrian, yes, but not everything can be exciting and SFnal), and if my client’s client likes it, there may be the possibility of designing the whole site. Which means more work for me. Which means more scratch. Which means that a financial safety net is within reach. Or at least somewhere on the horizon. 

    Eventually I’ll get back to working on the custom template for this blog, importing posts from the old blog, and rolling in new content (specifically, some work-in-progress/portfolio-type posts). For now though, I plan to sleep, and see if I can get back to waking up every day at 5:30 a.m. again by Monday. But not before watching this week’s episode of Lost.
    If only I can get the roommates to stop hogging the damn television.