• 6 October, 2009

    Interview on Bibliophile Stalker

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    I’ve been interviewed by Charles Tan of Bibliophile Stalker. He asks some cool questions, which allowed me to go into quite some detail about my personal background, my role at, and’s plans for world domination the future. My favourite bit, where I rant a bit about publishing, is below:

    In your opinion, how is leveraging New Media and the genre? What are the things that you’re doing right?

    One of the things we’re doing the best, I think, is engaging with our audience, and listening. Publishing is a very insular industry, where insiders are constantly talking to each other, but very rarely do they actually talk to or listen to the actual end customer: the reader. There have traditionally been some very valid arguments as for why this is the case, but as digital media democratizes the world more and more, those arguments become much less convincing or even relevant. is one way in which we’re talking directly with readers, listening to what they have to say, and we’re finding out a lot about them. And I do mean a whole hell of a lot—some of the very dearly-held assumptions of the publishing industry really don’t hold much water with the reading public, and it’s very sobering to compare and contrast what I see and read every day on in particular and the internet in general with what I see and hear from within the walls of the Flatiron building.

    Read the whole thing over on Bibliophile Stalker.

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