• 17 September, 2009

    Paper Shredder Truck Fire, or: Sometimes Life Deals in Blunt Metaphors.

    posted by Pablo Defendini at 7:56 pm permalink

    On a coffee run this afternoon, in the midsts of an utterly craptacular day at work, @chapmanchapman, @ami_with_an_i and I turned a corner off 5th Av and walked past a truck with a trickle of smoke coming out its corners. Not twenty paces later, it had turned into this:

    The smoke actually got much worse; black and dense and inky (of course). The F.D.N.Y. showed up rather quickly and swiftly took care of it.

    As publishing professionals, this implausible bit of synchronicity did not go unnoticed.

    Here are some pictures. I do love the fact that my iPhone has a video and a still camera, although I need to remember to do video in landscape mode….