• 6 May, 2008

    Apocalyptica: Cello Metal for the win.

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    Went and saw the metal cello quartet Apocalyptica last night at Irving Plaza with Jen and Liz. What a kickass, utterly metal show! These guys keep it real, as Jen would say, but I’d add real metal: angry, but with a healthy sense of fun. They mostly did songs off their new album, Worlds Collide, which is awesome in its own right, but since they originally got well-known for doing covers of Metallica songs, they also regaled us with their take on ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ and that oldie but personal favourite, ‘Seek and Destroy.’

    So I’ll leave you today with ‘Path,’ from their album Cult.


  • 5 May, 2008

    Little Brother, for download.

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    Cory Doctorow has released his fantastic new YA novel, Little Brother as a free, Creative Commons-licensed download. Go, go get it now. Read it, enjoy it, and share it, especially with the younger ones. I can’t stress this enough. This book is generating a whole lot of buzz, and for all the right reasons.

  • 5 May, 2008

    The Sakura Festival

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    I took a break from GTA IV (freakin’ awesome!!) to have a life, at least for Saturday. Liz, Mila, Mila’s friend Christie, Theresa, her boyfriend Jeff and I went to the Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. We spent a few hours walking around, looking at the pretty flowers and negotiating a rather crowded Botanic Gardens, replete with shutterbugs, tourists, and, of course, people dressed in cosplay costumes (what, exactly, does Naruto have to do with Sakura, I’m not sure, but leave it to Japanophiles to find any excuse to play dress-up). For lots of pictures of pretty flowers, check out my Flickr set.

    After that, we went next door to the Brooklyn Museum, to catch the much-hyped Takashi Murakami exhibit. While pretty, and fun, and enjoyable (mostly), and full of great work, I’m not sure that Murakami belongs in a museum. His work is too commercial, if not always in its intention, certainly in its execution. In addition, I found the inclusion of a Louis Vuitton retail station right smack dab in the middle of the exhibit to be in very, very poor taste. While I can appreciate the draw that Murakami lends to the museum, I think the exhibit would have been more at home in a commercial gallery.

    While there, we also checked out the Utagawa Japanese woodblock prints exhibit, which was much more interesting, as there was historical context to the work, and a true sense of craft. There was a great sampling of work from the entire Utagawa school lineage, spanning a period of about 130 years. Good, good stuff.

    After that, I headed over to Habana Outpost, for their Season Opening block party. My friend Leo was running the sound system for them, and I got to hang out with him a little bit before Anhelo, Pedro and Lex showed up. Later, it was off to a friend’s house party with Lex, where much drink was drunk, and I was too. In all, a long and fun Saturday.